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The Latest Firmware Version in the DVG ATA is 1.0M12-P. This was upgraded starting on Oct 24th, 2005.

** Changes have not yet been identified. **

Your DVG should contain the latest version within at most a day of being released. The version can be determined as follows:
    Login to the DVG ATA

    •The second line on the Basic Configuration screen shows the Firmware Version.

Refer to FirmWare Upgrade Process if your DVG Firmware Version does not match the Latest Firmware Version identified above.


20051024 1.0M12-P [filename: 1120M-1.0M12-P-20050929.tfp]
Identified Changes :

This was upgraded starting on Oct 24th, 2005.


20050926 1.0M11dP [filename: Dvg-1120M-1.0M11dP-20050729.tfp]
Identified Changes :

This was upgraded starting at 10am EST on the morning of Sept 26th, 2005.

This fixes the VoiceMail Message Waiting Indicator (VMWI) won't turn off ! problem.

NOTE: You may have do do a POWER CYCLE or NMM Reset to resolve some strange Issues as described in this Portal Thread, including not being able to FLASH/CONFERENCE.

20050628 1.0M11aP [filename: 1120M-1.0M011aP-20050614.tfp]
Identified Changes :

Below is a overview of the recent firmware changes performed by Primus. Another firmware release is due within the next few weeks:

1. Alternate DID Call Ring Tone
2. Forum Posting: Solution to 5-minute call cut-off problem
3. No response to every 8th VD Keep Alive (Every 8th AUEP/RSIP failing)
4. 0005 MAC issue
5. HTTP upload of new firmware

MAJOR BUG INTRODUCED: VoiceMail Message Waiting Indicator (VMWI) won't turn off!

20050405 1.0M10cP [filename: 1120M-1.0M10cP-20050302.tfp]
- no SQUELCH when accessing VM through *98
- no SQUELCH (a beep instead) with Visual Call Waiting
- no SQUELCH when VWMI is activated (while on the phone)
- VMWI indicator goes off within seconds when VM is deleted through phone
- TFTP downloads should no longer stall

Changes as identified by Primus:

The latest firmware (1.0M10cP) corrects some ongoing MGCP timer issues we were having (more of a long term engineering requirements), VMWI issues, and most important TFTP download issues.

Under certain network conditions, the previous firmware (0.010M-P) will have some issues downloading the new firmware. Thats why some users are not getting the new firmware push within three hours. Instead it can take hours, if not days. It really depends on their network conditions; a congested network will cause a TFTP download stall.

200502?? 0.0M10-P

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