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To retrieve voice mail, Primus utilizes the common method which is to dial *98 from your TBB line as described in Accessing VoiceMail.

However, when away from your TBB line, whether in the same city or travelling elsewhere, you can access your VoiceMail by any of the following options:

•The first is to call your own TBB line. Once the voice mail message begins to play, simply press star (*), as described in Accessing VoiceMail. You will incur TOLL charges, if any are applicable.

•The second option is to access your TBB line via the Remote Phone feature. This can be done using calls placed with Local Access Numbers OR MyTBB Portal Access. This is especially useful if a call to your TBB number would incur TOLL/Long Distance charges.

Once you have a dial tone, you may simply press *98 -- the same as you would from your TBB line.

If Password required to access Voice Mail is unchecked, you will not be required to enter your password to access voice mail as, for all intents and purposes, you are physically at your TBB handset.

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last modified: 2005-07-17 19:29:49