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Primus TBB uses two audio codecs: G.711 and G.729.

  • G.711 is the higher quality codec and uses about 87.2Kbps(1) (including overhead) in each direction (upstream and downstream).

  • G.729 is the lower quality codec and uses about 31.2Kbps(1) (including overhead) in each direction.
NOTE: Your account's setting is on the Portal OPTIONS Tab.

This requires approximately 38.3MB (76.6MB) per hour at the higher quality and about 13.7MB (27.4MB ) per hour at the lower quality. The values in brackets show the actual full duplex (both directions) VoIP bandwidth usage.

For example, using your TBB line with G.711:
- One (1) hour a day for 30 days requires a total bandwidth of about 2.3G.
- Four (4) hours per day translates to about 10G per month.
- Twenty-Four (24) hours per day (!!) translates to about 60G per month.

You may need to be taken into account if your ISP service is subject to bandwidth caps. Based on your historical or estimated talk time, you should be able to calculate your monthly total.

The gateway also communicates periodically with the Primus servers.

One user has provided the bandwidth used on his account (as reported by his ISP) during a period when the only activity on his broadband connection was the traffic between his DVG and the Primus servers (i.e. no internet activity and no telephone calls). This amounted to about 0.34 MB download and 0.16 MB upload daily.

Based on this info (which may or may not be typical), the combined monthly upstream and downstream traffic generated by your TBB account will be about 15.07 MB (megabytes) - insignificant compared to most usage patterns.

(1) Data obtained from VoIP-Info.org.

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