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CLICKING the PhoneControl TAB will launch PhoneControl VOISS Assistant on WINDOWS PCs ONLY from Internet Explorer with ActiveX enabled (download/install on first CLICK). If you are not using a compliant browser, the standard CALL CONTROL dial pad will launch instead of VOISS ASSISTANT.

VOISS ASSISTANT provides an IE ActiveX POP-UP window from which a dial-pad and control buttons (hold, transfer..) are provided to initiate and manage TBB calls as follows:

    Dialing from the DIRECTORY with RemotePhone *disabled*

    Dialing from the DIRECTORY with RemotePhone *enabled*

VOISS ASSISTANT provides advanced Call Management features including displaying incoming CallerID (CLI).

    •FIRST Enable Call Assistant in TBB Portal OPTIONS: Web Profile.

    •Ensure that your IE browser is set to MEDIUM security (»mytbb.primus.ca should be a trusted site), and that ACTIVEX is enabled; refer to MS IE:Setting Up Security Zones.

    •To download and install VOISS, now CLICK the PhoneControl TAB. When various pop-up windows appear, choose any appropriate options (allow "Tekelec", "VOISS", etc) to complete the installation.

    •Note that the current version of VOISS does not display CallerID. You can use the previous version of VOISS to display CallerID. HOWEVER, you must first download the current version of VOISS as described above to install the dll (etc), before copying the old version's exe file into your PC's system32 folder.

VOISS ASSISTANT is an independent PC application - and does not require IE to execute.
•Once you have downloaded (single time) and launched VOISS with IE, it will execute in the background. You can then exit IE and use other browsers (FireFox,...).
•You can also Launch VOISS on Startup or from the Desktop.
•VOISS can also be minimized, but will pop-up upon any new incoming call.

The Primus TBB Portal FAQ also provides help on this topic:

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