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You can access your VoiceMail:

    From your TBB phone: dial *98 and following the prompts.

    Dial from any other phone: call your TBB number and when your VoiceMail answers, press star (*) - before the message ends - and follow the prompts. You will incur TOLL charges, if any are applicable.

    •Away from home/travelling - from Remote Phone - which can usually be TOLL FREE in most major Canadian cities.

    •Through the MyTBB Web Portal.

    •By having a VoiceMail audio file emailed to you.

If you do not have the VoiceMail feature or it has not been activated, you will not get any prompts; please contact Primus TBB Customer Service to activate this feature.

Your default initial VoiceMail password is the last 4 digits of your Primary TBB #.
  • The first time you access VoiceMail, it will request you to enter your (default) VoiceMail password. It then immediately announces that this password has expired and waits for you to enter a NEW 4 digit password.

  • The password will always be prompted for when accessing VoiceMail through a phone line. This password prompt can be suppressed ONLY for access from the TBB line to which it is registered, by unchecking "Password required to access Voice Mail" in the TBB Portal OPTIONS Web Profile.

  • If you ever forget your VoiceMail password, you must contact Primus TBB Customer Service to reset it.

  • Note that the VoiceMail password is distinct from the MyTBB Portal password which is also used to login to Remote Phone Local Access. It is recommended that these passwords be different.

Your mailbox can hold a maximum of 50 messages of 5 minutes per message.

You do not want to listen to the timestamp, phone number, or some messages?
If you wish to skip the message envelope (timestamp, phone number, etc.) or the message itself, simply press the pound (#) key during playback.

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