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As a TalkBroadband customer you are not limited to the local area code of the place you live any more. You can select a TBB Primary Number in any area code that is within a TalkBroadband service area. You can also Port your existing landline number (POTS) to TBB.

For example, you could live in Vancouver or Orangeville and select a Toronto phone number (416 area code). This means that all your calls to Toronto as well as all calls to you from Toronto will be considered local (not long distance).

Correspondingly, even if you are in Vancouver, calls to and from the Toronto based TBB line and a local Vancouver number will incur long distance charges. You can optionally add an Alternate Number in Vancouver that will connect incoming calls to your Toronto TBB line as a local call; where the caller does not incur any long distance charges.

Please note: Primus will not question a request for a number that is not local to your physical address. Their website is clear that only numbers in certain Canadian cities are available as new numbers, or in which your existing number can be ported to Primus (see the linked Primus website for a number migration check tool). Signing up for a number outside of your local exchange will not only affect your ability to dial locally, but will likely affect your ability to receive timely 911 Emergency Services.

Primus has partnered with Allstream (formerly AT&T Canada) to provide telephone numbers and Canadian PSTN access. Local numbers and local number portability (LNP) is, therefore, limited to those exchanges owned by Allstream. If Allstream does not have a Central Office (CO) in a particular exchange, then Primus will not currently be able to provide local calling in that area.

For any given exchange, it is a simple business decision: potential costs (one-time and ongoing) vs. potential revenues (e.g. customers who would sign for the service).

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