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You can currently transfer/port to TalkBroadband any landline (POTS) phone number within serviceable areas described in »primus.ca/en/residential/talkbro···age.html.

Your number can be ported as a Primary Number or an Alternate Number.

Please note that transferring a number (called Local Number Portability - LNP) from your POTS provider to Primus TBB does not occur overnight.

•This process generally takes a minimum of 2 weeks. Most porting delays are out of Primus' control, and it has been known to take as long as a month or more (i.e. strikes by Telco). Contacting your previous POTS telephone provider (e.g. Telus, Bell, etc.) may help to speed up the transfer, but you'll most likely just have to wait.

During the overlapping period from when you receive and configure your TBB Starter Kit, and when the number is fully ported, you will be receiving/making calls on your old/current POTS line, while ONLY being able to place outgoing calls on TBB.

Note that outgoing calls from your TBB line will have the same number as your original POTS line. Until the day the number is actually ported, incoming calls from non-TBB users will ring your POTS line. However, incoming calls from TBB users will actually ring your new TBB line!

If you feel that a sufficient length of time has passed and are still unable to receive calls, a quick and easy test (to make sure it is the Local Number Portability (LNP) process that's holding up your order) is to have another TalkBroadBand user call you. If you're able to receive a TBB to TBB call, then the problem is most likely the LNP process. If you're not able to receive a TBB to TBB call it could be variety of issues, which at this point a call to TBB Tech Support is warranted.

On the day the number is ported, you will lose incoming service on your POTS line, and it will take a few hours for incoming service to be activated on your TBB line.

When the Port occurs, in most cases, your POTS line will still be active (receiving incoming calls or making outgoing calls) for 3-5 business days. If the POTS line is not "dead" beyond this timeframe, please contact your POTS provider as any charges (local or LD) on this line are still your responsibility!

•Once your TBB service is completely operational (incoming/outgoing calls) including any porting issues, you can always call TBB Customer Support if you feel you would like a credit (half rate) for partial service (outgoing calls only) from the Billing Date to the Porting Date. You will obviously be responsible for any LD charges on a Basic Service Plan.

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