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At this point there is a limit of two phone lines (Primary TBB Numbers) per TalkBroadband gateway. However, if you need more than two phone numbers to receive incoming phone calls, you may benefit from the Alternate Number service.

Each DLINK Gateway can support up to two telephone lines, with a maximum of 3 telephone numbers pointing to each line. Only one number from each line will be designated as the outbound number.

The following is an example of how this might work:

Line one: 416-555-01234 - in/out displays this #
ALT#1: 780-555-01234 - in only
ALT#2: 604-555-01234 - in only

Line two: 604-555-6789 - in/out displays this #
ALT#1: 780-555-6789 - in only
ALT#2: 416-555-6789 - in only

In the past, system limitations have restricted each line on the same gateway to the same calling plan (e.g., if one line has the Unlimited plan, then the second must also be on the Unlimited plan as well). However, Primus systems have changed and this is no longer required. One line can be on the Unlimited plan and the other on a different plan (or any combination of two TBB plans). For those customers who have not purchased their gateway, the second line will receive a $4 discount to reflect the rental fee already included in the line one plan.

Under business accounts Primus has a 2nd gateway choice called "Audiocode" that will allow up to 4 lines or 8 lines. A Primus representative was fairly sure that the largest they have is a 24 line unit and is fairly certain that up to two ALT#'s can be attached to each line.

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