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The following is an Allstream press release.

Allstream Launches VoIP Access Service
TORONTO, July 7, 2004 /CNW/ -- Allstream, a leading communication solutions provider, today announced the launch of its Voice Over Internet Protocol Access (VoIP Access). This solution will enable service providers to connect their self-managed VoIP solutions to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). As part of Allstream's comprehensive Connectivity portfolio, VoIP Access enables service providers to penetrate local residential and Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) markets utilizing Allstream's extensive network infrastructure.

Built into VoIP Access are all of the vital ancillary services required by users in addition to reliable connectivity to the local network. It is the first service in Canada to offer full ancillary services including 9111, 711, 411, Local Number Portability (LNP) and Operator services to VoIP service providers. Moreover, customers can also add or supplement their offerings by taking advantage of other Allstream services such as Long Distance, Calling Card and Internet. Allstream has the network coverage to provide these services in major markets across Canada. The launch of this product is one part of a significant expansion to Allstream's wholesale market service portfolio and positions Allstream to support Cable and Internet Service Providers' entry into the Residential VoIP market.

"Allstream's VoIP Access enables service providers to easily expand their solutions portfolio, offering enhanced voice services to their customers," said Ron McKenzie, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Allstream.

One of the first early adopters of this service is PRIMUS Canada, which offers one of Canada's leading VoIP phone services, TalkBroadband(TM), to business and residential customers coast-to-coast.

"PRIMUS Canada has a long-standing relationship with Allstream and we are pleased to be using their VoIP Access service to support TalkBroadband," said Ted Chislett, President, PRIMUS Canada.

Allstream's VoIP Access offers the following advantages to service provider customers:

  • A full range of Competitive Local Exchanged Carrier (CLEC) services. This includes vital services like 911, 711, 411, LNP, a basic directory listing and operator services;
  • Connectivity to the PSTN and to the LD and Internet networks;
  • Addition of Local services to their portfolios that will enable them to tap into new revenue streams, strengthen customer relationships and reduce churn;
  • Simplified national deployment by working with one provider for all locations;
  • Effective order submission, reducing turnaround time and cost;
  • and, Billing reconciliation at the Calling Party Number (CPN) level.

For more information about Allstream's VoIP Access service or its overall Connectivity portfolio, please contact 1-866-288-8898 or visit our website at

About Allstream

Allstream is a leading communication solutions provider with a world- class portfolio of Connectivity, Infrastructure Management and IT Services. Focused on the business market, Allstream collaborates with customers to create tailored solutions that meet their unique needs and help them compete more effectively. Spanning more than 18,800 kilometres, Allstream has an extensive broadband fibre-optic network and the greatest reach of any competitive communication solutions provider in Canada, and provides international connections through strategic partnerships and interconnection agreements with other international service providers. Allstream is a division of MTS Allstream Inc., Canada's third largest communications provider with 7,000 dedicated employees focused on delivering outstanding value to its customers. MTS is a public company with its stock traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols MBT and MBT.B. For more information about MTS, please visit:

1911 service is only available to customers with a fixed address and a telephone number associated with the customer's serving public service answering point (PSAP).

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