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You may be experiencing a situation where the Caller ID information that displays when people receive a call from you is different from your actual TBB number. This is usually the case when you have requested an Unlisted Number or Permanent Outgoing CallerID Block from Primus. Some of the Masked Numbers are: 905-361-8349, 416-398-1111, 604-550-7000, 604-629-2009

If the person you call then dials the number that is displayed on their Phone, it will either connect them with Primus Customer Service, result in a dial tone, or result in dead air; but it WILL NOT ring your TBB line.

Please contact Primus TBB Technical Support if either:

• You have the Unlisted Number feature but do not want a Masked Number and would like to have this component removed from the feature.

• You have a Masked Number, but have not requested an Unlisted Number (and are not paying for one).

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Primus cannot remove the "masked number" and still retain the "unlisted"feature or permanent caller ID outgoing block.

    2010-03-15 20:45:19

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