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No. Comcast, like almost all U.S. cable companies, will not activate a box that is not rented from them. This is due primarily for security concerns.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • they are talking tv converter boxes not cable modems

    2009-08-29 02:51:52 (ajwees41 See Profile)

  • thats not entirely true, alot of our QAM channels are not encoded, you can buy converter boxes and get most of the channels when you only have a limited cable package. The wierd thing is though that when you do that the channel line up will be way out of order. Also of course you won't get ondemand showtime hbo ect. I think you will get all of the digital starter channels though I haven't ever bothered to check and see.

    2009-04-10 21:12:24

  • With Time Warner Cable here in NY City, customer purchased modems WILL work provided the MAC addresses are on file with our IT Department and matches the current account that the HSI service is being billed that will use it. Provided the modem meets DOCSIS specs and can operate on 687.000 MHz, it will work.

    2009-01-15 19:13:07

  • This is changing a LOT. Just went to Comcast's site in Minneapolis to check for my mom, and they implied they'd rather see you buy a modem - saves them hassle. (They gave her one in the end, just makes it easier.). And Time Warner Cable in Milwaukee definitely has a provision for customer modems.

    2008-09-30 01:13:43 (bbgrunt0 See Profile)

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