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It is not recommended to connect your ATA via a WiFi connection as this will introduce delay and jitter to your VoIP call path affecting the quality of your VoIP call.

The ATA can be connected (via the WAN port) to your ISP (Internet connection) with the following LAN configurations:

    •Directly to the MODEM.

    •Directly to the MODEM in BRIDGE MODE (when you have multiple IP addresses and are using the D-Link DVG-1120M ATA).

    •Connected to a router (LAN) which is connected to the MODEM.

    NOTE: There are issues when the ATA is behind certain routers.

•When your computer is connected to the ATA's Ethernet port, directly or via a LAN (router), you should be able to Login to the ATA flawlessly.

NOTE: In some cases, your email may not be accessible until some settings are changed, as described in Email does not work when using DVG ATA.

•However, if your computer is connected via a LAN (router) to the ATA's WAN port, you will only be able to Access the ATA from the WAN by modifying some settings; you need to temporarily connect to the Ethernet port to do this.

If you place the ATA in a router's DMZ and have enabled WAN access, it is recommended to change the login password.

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