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The default WAN setting is DHCP, so when using DHCP, simply plug it in. If the WAN settings are not as you need or has been changed from the default, please use the instructions below to set them.

When setting PPPoE , ensure that the DVG ATA is plugged into a powered up (active) MODEM before reconfiguring the WAN settings to PPPoE and resetting the device. Otherwise upon restart, the DVG will restore the WAN settings to the default DHCP settings !

Configuring the WAN Settings
The DVG's WAN settings can be configured as follows:

    Login to the DVG ATA

    •Go to either "Basic Configuration" or "Config IP -> Config WAN IP Address"

    •For "Get IP From", select either PPPoE or DHCP as required.

    •For PPPoE, set the ISP required data (Username, password(s), etc)

    •For DHCP, set the Hostname if you want one - not required.

    •For a FIXED IP (i.e. in the DMZ zone), set the fixed IP address, subnet mask (, and gateway address of the router the DVG ATA is connected to.

    •Set DNS information as needed.

    •Press "Save" at bottom right.

    •On the next screen, select "Save changes and reboot system now".

    •Press "Save" in the center of the screen.

The system should now do a restart and will take a few seconds before you can login again. Note that you should now press "shift-refresh" in your browser to access the DVG ATA.

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