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Music On Hold plays generic "elevator music" which your callers hear, when an active call is placed "on hold".

An active call is placed "on hold" when you use the "flash/link" button (on your phone - or quickly depressing and releasing the switch-hook) to:

•answer a second incoming call (the first call is put "on hold")

•make another call, to conference in with the previous call(s)

•transfer a call to another number

Hitting MUTE or the HOLD button on your phone will NOT provide Music On Hold... so your conferenced callers can keep on talking.

User MTS_EMPLOYEE reports that music on hold can now be changed by contacting Primus Technical Support.

Music on hold can be changed, no matter who you are...MGCP or SIP protocol (D-Link or Linksys gateways).

The 8 choices:

  • Default Primus Music (Not Primus the Band)
  • Trance
  • Easy listening
  • Irish music
  • Something Japanese
  • Jazz
  • "This Little Light of Mine" (Don't ask, I don't know...)
  • Nothing (No hold music, just like plain old telephone service)

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