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ACR can be accessed via the Advanced settings, after logging into the DVG ATA and is used to:

    •Provide Outgoing Call Blocking using ACR when used without a POTS line connected to the DVG "LINE" port.
    •Dial certain calls through an active POTS LINE connected to the DVG "LINE" port rather than the TBB line - described below.

ACR used with an active POTS LINE connected to the DVG "LINE" port
All calls made through the DVG ATA are connected, by default, on the VoIP lines. ACR provides the capability for a user to specify that certain calls get routed through the (POTS) line connected to the DVG "LINE" port.

ACR provides up to 30 "indexed" entries where you can specify the calls you would like to route through the LINE port. Each "entry" contains a Number and DelDigit field:

Number specifies the (starting) digits of any dialling sequence that you would like ACR to "listen to" and possibly reroute to the LINE port.

DelDigit specifies the number of digits that ACR should remove from the dialling sequence before actually dialling it on the LINE port.

Quote from andreip (on the TBB Forum):

Note: If using the telnet command line, the ACR (described below) can be programmed much nicer and more accurately.
1) you can use more than 30 entries
2) you can switch the default to pstn, so as to specify the only numbers PERMITTED in the list (BTW use "x" not "T" so as to also reject numbers too short or too long) to use voip (when leaving the PSTN jack not connected.
3) don't forget about permitting emmergency numbers !!!
4) the "remove digits" option is good for password-protecting LD calls

Let's say you have a Vancouver TBB Primary number, but live in Toronto and have a Bell POTS line connected to the DVG LINE port. If you call a Toronto area code, you will probably want all these calls to go through your Bell line. You would need to create an ACR entry with only "Number" coded as 416T. This would instruct the D-Link adapter to route any calls starting with 416 to be dialled on your Bell line. You could create another entry for all "905" numbers to be handled likewise with "number" set to "905T".

You might even want 911 going through your POTS line instead of your TBB line. In this case, you would code 911 into another ACR entry. You would not put a T after the 911 because there are no more digits to be dialled after 911.

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