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NOTE: You can play VML files within Windows independently of IE. In Option 1 below, IE is only used to download the TBB version of VMPlayer.exe.

To download VMPlayer.exe:

  1. From the TBB Portal VoiceMail TAB
    1. Using IE with ActiveX enabled - (not Mozilla Firefox or other browsers) - to enable the download.
    2. Click on the TBB Portal 'VoiceMail' Tab
    3. This should autodownload VMPlayer.exe into your C:\windows\system32 folder
    NOTE: This version plays VML files and will let you save VML files as uncompressed WAV files.


  2. Get it from http://www.pressone.net/download.htm
    NOTE: This version only plays VML files. It will not let you save VML files as uncompressed WAV files.

Before using VMPlayer.exe, you can copy or move C:\windows\system32\VMPlayer.exe to a directory such as C:windows\vml. Create the necessary .vml associations and shortcuts required to launch the application from here.

Setting a .vml association
- open windows explorer,
- click on Tool--->Folder option
- goto to the File Type tab
- under extension, find 'VML'
- Click on the 'Advance' button which is located at the bottom.
- Under Action, select open and click on the 'Edit' button
- In the field 'Application used to perform action' you will probably see something like "c:\windows\system32\vmplayer.exe" "%1". Change it to the directory you copied or moved the file to - "c:\windows\vml\vmplayer.exe" "%1"

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last modified: 2005-05-20 22:57:21