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Name Indicator State Meaning
Power Solid Green Power on
Off Check power connection

Modem Solid Green Link established with LEC
Blinking Green attempting to establish link with LEC pending/failed
Off Modem is unable to establish connection with NIC

Data Solid Green Modem operating at full speed
Blinking Green Attempt to establish full speed link with LEC pending/fail ed
Off Attempting to establish full speed link with LEC failed

DSL Modem Line Code: DMT

Full-Rate ADSL and ADSL G.Lite functionality

Standards Supported: ANSI T1.413 Issue 2 category II, ITU-T G.992.1 and ITU-T G.992.2

Error Correction: Reed-Solomon block code

Transmit Power: 13.5 dBm 0.5 dB (measured over 135W load)

Data Rates: Asymmetrical. Downstream rates up to 8.192 Mbps and upstream rates of up to 768Kbps, with 32 Kbps resolution.

Automatic data rate adaptation: CPE and CO modems negotiate, in the startup process, the highest data rate possible for the specific line and noise conditions.

Automatic operation mode: The CPE and CO modems negotiate using the G.994.1 (Handshake) standard protocol to choose operation mode (Full Rate Lite or Issue 2 ADSL)

Loop reach and noise requirements: In accordance with ANSI T1.413 Issue2 category II, ETSI ETR 328 and ITU-T G.996.1.

Bit Error Rate: 1E-7 or better.

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