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You can use any type of Internet Access (dial-up, lite, high-speed) to login to the Portal, but if you do use dial-up, you will need a second Direct Dial telephone number to set as the Remote Phone Number as described below.

NOTE: When Remote Phone is Enabled and in use at the Remote Phone Number, you cannot make calls from the phones connected to the TBB ATA - you will hear "Remote, Remote, Remote" and then dead air, until the Remote Phone call is disconnected. Similarily, if the TBB line is in use through the ATA, Remote Phone will be blocked.

With RemotePhone enabled, the MyTBB Portal Phone Control (Call Control or VOISS ASSISTANT) works in conjunction with a Remote Phone Number & the Directory TAB:

    •Enable RemotePhone
    •Enable Call Control or VOISS ASSISTANT
    •Select the DIRECTORY TAB.
    •Click on any number that is set in there (create one if none exist).
    •This pops up the applicable phone control box/dialpad.
    •After a few seconds the RemotePhone Number rings (including any long distance # prefixed with a "1" - LD charges may apply)
    •When you answer the RemotePhone line, you get a message: "You have an incoming number.. press * to accept..."
    •Press * to accept this, and now hear "Remote..Remote..Remote", then DialTone.
    •At this point dial the number you want to call !

    Note that in Step 4, any number is clicked just to get the RemotePhone to ring. The actual number is entered in step 9.

Note that you cannot call yourself (your TBB line). However, you can use any Star Command remotely, including SpeedDial, picking up your VoiceMail by dialing *98, or even call forwarding (*72, *73) your TBB line.

NOTE: Long Distance charges may apply to Remote Phone usage.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • When I click on the number in the directory, it dials that number. I do not get a chance to enter a phone number by pressing '*'. I can also dial a number directly from the phone control pad, and then it will call my remote phone and then the number that I dialed.

    2008-04-05 13:44:10

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