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On the Concierge TAB: Call Forward screen, you can change your default handling for Call Forward, in addition to the system-level Call Answer Ring Time:

Call Answer Ring Time: This is a system-wide setting, not related to Call Forwarding settings, that will affect the number of TBB rings before the incoming call is sent to VoiceMail (by default), or to FMFM when it is configured.

Calculate about 5 seconds for each ring; thus 3 rings requires about 15 seconds.

NOTE: If FMFM is active, then the incoming call will first ring as specified by the Call Answer Ring Time. It will then ring through on the FMFM numbers for the (longest) No Answer Timeout specified for the FMFM number(s) before going to VoiceMail.

Call Forward Options
Any setting you make by dialing the *72 (enable call fwd) or *73 (disable call fwd) codes will also be reflected here:

Default Action: If it is not already Disabled, it may have been set by either a *72 or FMFM setting (see below). Set this only if you want to Forward to Number or Forward only when Busy or No-Answer.

Call Forward number: This is used in conjunction with Default Action. When Default Action is Disabled, this field should be blank. However, the field may also be blank when FMFM sets the Default Action to Forward to Number. If you modify this in this instance, FMFM may no longer operate as expected.

NOTE: When Call Forward Default Action is Enabled and a Call Forward number is provided, the Call Answer Ring Time above is obviously ignored.

Unless you wish to inadvertently change the Call Forward or FMFM settings, leave the Default Action and Call Forward number as they are.

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