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NOTE: When using Remote Phone Local Access, you cannot make calls from the phones connected to the TBB ATA - you will hear "Remote, Remote, Remote" and then dead air, until the Remote Phone Local Access call is disconnected. Similarily, if the TBB line is in use through the ATA, Remote Phone Local Access will be blocked.

With a TBB account, you can use any one of the Remote Phone Local Access telephone numbers located in major cities across Canada, to access your TBB line [Refer to the Primus TBB Portal for the list of cities and numbers in the CONCIERGE RemotePhone TAB].

    •Remote Phone does NOT need to be enabled for Local Access.

    You simply call the local access number and follow the prompts to enter your TBB number and password (authentication). The password is the same as your MyTBB Portal password.

    •You will then hear "Music". You should now press "*", upon which you will hear dialtone.

    •At this point you can place your call;
    unless the TBB line is in use, in which case, you will get a network busy signal.

•Once you have dial tone, it is like you are using your TBB phone:

    •You can Use any Star Command remotely, including SpeedDial, picking up your VoiceMail by dialing *98, or even call forwarding (*72, *73) your TBB line.

    •Dial "0" to reach Primus Customer or Technical support.

•Note that since you are, in effect, on your TBB phone, you cannot call yourself.

•You should consider programming the Local Access number, TBB# and password into your (cell) phone memory (with hard pauses in between). You will be able to connect to the Local Access number error free & quicker with 3-4 clicks! It is preferable to use "Hard" pauses (or whatever similar feature your phone provides) which will require you to press Talk/Send between each number sequence. Soft pauses generally have a fixed delay (2 seconds or so) and automatically send the next numbers, but this may be too fast for the TBB (or other) system you are connecting to.

•When you are on a Remote Phone Local Access session, pressing *** (three stars) will act like pressing the flash button (i.e. when you are on a call and want to start a conference call, press *** when you hear dialtone; dial the number you want, and then press *** to conference the calls together).

•To disconnect (release) the current TBB call without disconnecting from Remote Phone, press ### (three pounds). This will terminate all calls, and take you back to music on hold. You can repeat this to make multiple calls in sequence - useful when at a pay phone !

•In some cases, you may not hear the "Music" after authentication, press "*" nonetheless (wait a few seconds) and proceed with your call - if this fails, you can also try pressing "###". If neither of these work, hang up and try again.

NOTE: Long Distance charges may apply to Remote Phone usage.

- You live in Halifax.
- You take a trip to Ottawa.
- While in Ottawa you call the Ottawa (Remote Phone) Local Access number (see the TBB Portal for the actual number).
- This is a toll-free number if you are in the Ottawa region.
- You enter your Halifax TBB number and portal password and get music (press * to get dialtone).
- You can now call Toll Free any PSTN number in Halifax, or other numbers based on your TBB plan.
- You can then use *** or ### to conference other calls or make subsequent calls before actually hanging up the phone you are using....

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • What if I travel to the US. I know PRIMUS is active over down there too. Can a Canadian PRIMUS user dial a remote access number in the US?

    2007-12-05 12:15:25

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