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The Firmware is usually upgraded in the background (early morning 2am) through a TFTP download from the DVG ATA- upon a trigger by Primus when they deem it so (see below). Since the DVG actually initiates the TFTP download, your network configuration should not pose a problem for FirmWare upgrades; i.e. if you have a Firewall, it will not block an Upgrade.

When Firmware is upgraded, it needs to restart the DVG which will place the DVG (and Ethernet port) OOS for 30 seconds to a minute.

A Firmware upgrade will also Reset the DVG ATA to a default configuration. This means that any manual settings for port forwarding, ACR, or Bridge Mode will be erased.

•If the DVG is in Bridge Mode, you will also lose Internet connectivity during this time, and your settings will be reset to defaults as noted above. You will have to restore your settings by logging into the DVG through the applicable WAN or LAN IP address.

Note that under certain network conditions, firmware version 0.010M-P will have some issues downloading any newer firmware.

If the DVG contains FirmWare 0.010M-P, you can attempt to trigger an automatic upgrade by simply rebooting (power cycle) the DVG. Refer to the Upgrade Process below - after the reboot, the DVG attempts to download the new FirmWare File - this is a 1.3MB file and should take about 2-4 minutes. The DVG will then reboot itself; and restore TBB service. However, if the download fails, you may have to repeat this procedure until it is successful.

If your DVG has not upgraded to the Latest FirmWare Version within a day of the release, you should contact Primus TBB Technical Support.

Although you can initiate a manual Firmware upgrade, it is not recommended to do so. You need to provide the correct settings to the DVG; and also understand the implications if there is a power outage or loss of Internet connection during such an upgrade. Further details to be provided shortly.

The FirmWare Upgrade Process
When a new FirmWare Version is to be released, Primus updates a DVG configuration file on their server(s), with the latest FirmWare Version FileName - the name of the file is in the format of MAC_DLINK1120.cfg.

A DVG ATA always polls the Primus server every three hours for a new configuration file. When the DVG ATA gets this file and determines that the FirmWare Version (& Filename) has changed, it makes the necessary changes in its memory and begins to download (via TFTP) the new FirmWare File. [This information and interval can be verified by typing autocfg on the DVG cli - using telnet to your DVG ATA.]

Upon completion of a successful download, it will reboot itself to run the new FirmWare Version.

A reboot will also perform a configuration file request - which is why a Save/Restart will also initiate a FirmWare Version Upgrade.

Manually DISABLING FirmWare Upgrades
You can disable firmware upgrades through the "autocfg" command available through the CLI (Command Line Interface).

Obviously, if you do not monitor the latest available F/W version in these Forums, this may cause your TBB line to sometimes not operate correctly without the latest firmware which you will have to trigger manually.

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