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There are no Toll Charges when you call another Primus TBB subscriber, regardless of the TBB Plan you are subscribed to (Basic, Ultimate, Unlimited).

This also implies that a TBB subscriber anywhere on the planet may call another TBB subscriber anywhere. You must dial their TBB number as usual, including any leading "1", but you will NOT be charged Long Distance for the call.

For example, you may have an Ottawa based TBB number, and you may be calling a Vancouver TBB number. Although you have to dial "Long Distance" by prefixing the number with a "1", there are no Long Distance charges.

•Toll Free On-Network calling only applies to TBB numbers.

•All other Long Distance calls, including to Primus's US VoIP based LINGO service, will incur Toll Charges.

•There is currently no interconnection to non-PSTN VoIP services such as FreeWorldDialup (FWD), etc.

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last modified: 2006-04-10 18:37:14