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Mars 2112
Website: »www.mars2112.com/
American (Traditional)

1633 Broadway, New York 10019
At 50th St
Phone: 212-582-2112

Mars 2112 is an out of this world dining and entertainment experience. Travel to the planet Mars is still generations away, but Mars 2112, is the next best thing for anyone longing to visit the Red Planet; or for anyone else looking for great food and a good time unlike any other, whether here on Earth or elsewhere in the Solar System. This one-of-a-kind 35,000 sq. ft. bi-level, immersible environment provides an all-around atmosphere (with continuous big screen video projections of life on Mars), wherein you can enjoy a Marstini at the Starbar, dine on Terraforming Tuna tostada or Ziggy Stardust's Spaghetti in the Crystal Crater, stroll down CyberStreet, or shop in the Martian Retail Galaxy.

The restaurant is a space themed restaurant for all the family located in the heart of the Times Square district at 51 Street and Broadway. Mars 2112 is a spectacular mingling of fantasy and reality, a 35,000-square-foot, bi-level, multi-dimensional, immersive environment that catapults travelers to a completely new world.

This journey to Mars is a sheer delight, guaranteed to stimulate travelers imagination and tantalize each of their five known senses while awakening the sixth!

Enjoy Martian birthday parties, taste Martian cuisine and learn Martian etiquette in special Martian manners classes.

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