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A fairly detailed voicemail operations guide can be downloaded from this Primus webpage. Please note that Adobe Reader or other compatible PDF reader or plug-in is required for viewing the 'Voicemail Guide' file.

If you have any new messages waiting when you access your voice mail (either from your TBB handset, or via Remote Phone) they will be announced and begin to play immediately.

If you have no new or skipped messages you will be presented with the menu options.

The menu options available at this time are as follows:
  • Press '1' to play your Inbox messages

    This will playback any new or skipped messages that are currently in your Inbox.

  • Press '2' to Compose a message

    Composing a message allows you to pre-record a message that will be sent to an individual TBB subscriber, or to a list of subscribers saved in a Personal Distribution Group.

  • Press '3' to play your Saved messages

    Pressing this button will play back any new or skipped messages, and then move on to saved messages. In the absence of new or skipped, this option will proceed directly to saved messages.

  • Press '4' to play back your Personal Greeting

    This option will allow you to playback the personal greetings that you have recorded for 'No Answer', 'Do-not-Disturb', "Busy', or your recorded name.

  • Press '5' to record your Personal Greeting

    This option will allow you to change the recordings that you previously set for 'No Answer', 'Do-not-Disturb', 'Busy', and your recorded name.

  • Press '6' to access your Personal Distribution Group

    This option allows you to establish a list of TBB telephone numbers to which you can broadcast pre-recorded messages (or to which you may foward new or saved messages).

  • Press '7' to change your Password

    The password that is set or changed via this menu option is for the voicemail system only (changing this does not affect your MyTBB Portal password, which also acts as your Remote Phone password). It is possible to require that this password always be entered when accessing the voicemail system. You may enable this option using the Web Portal Profile under the Options tab.

  • Press '8' to hear or change your Custom Operator Number

    Your Custom Operator Number (or Zero Out Number) is the telephone number to which a caller may be transferred by pressing '0' during the VoiceMail greeting playback. User experience would seem to indicate that an area code is required for successful operation of this function (e.g. 780-555-1111 vs. 555-1111).

    It is possible to enter a long distance number as your Zero Out Number, but long distance charges will apply (see Long Distance Charges for further information on how and when you will be billed for transferred calls).

  • To Exit press the star (*) key

    In some cases, pressing star (*) will return you to a previous menu. Pressing star (*) from the main menu will exit you from the system (although you will not hear a 'goodbye' message, only dead air).

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