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Choppy voice or voice drops can also be attributed to other Network issues as described in this FAQ, so please verify those situations with a corded phone before concluding the problem is with your cordless device.

So, assuming your TBB service quality is great with a corded phone, then generally, 2.4G cordless phones, wherever they are placed, should not affect or be affected electronically by the DVG unless there is a serious defect in either.

However, 2.4G cordless phones are affected by:


•Other 2.4G cordless phones

•WiFi (802.11b and 802.11g) routers

If you or your close neighbours have any of these devices, then you might experience choppy voice conditions at times due to interference from these devices.

Refer to the User-Contributed List of Compatible Cordless Phones that have been used successfully with TBB.

5.8G phones
Note that 5.8G cordless phones are more reliable since there are fewer such devices in the 5.8G spectrum that will interfere with them. WiFi 802.11a works in the 5Ghz band but is not very commonly used.

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last modified: 2005-07-17 18:04:02