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The ADSL2MUE is a linux box. It uses busy box like WRT54G Router.
There are 5 ports known to the ADSL2MUE :
FTP(Port 21) : ????
SSH(Port 22) : username and password unknown
HTTP(Port 80) : classical interface - default username / password: admin / admin)
LOGIN SHELL(Port 61374) : shell busy box - username and password unknown

no firmware released now (04-30-2005)
no firmware source released,
but should be released in order to comply with the GPL license like the WRT54G.

ADSL2 could work on ADSL2 and linksys say they will provide ADSL2+ in a future firmware.
there is no NAT, but could be a router-like in the normal mode, but without the NAT you cannot have entering connections (like EMule). So most of users use RFC Bridged Mode of the ADSL2MUE.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • default SSH login is "root"/"admin" password for "enable" command once logged in via ssh is "Admin" (with capital A)

    2009-02-14 05:21:18

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