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Not necessarily. If you do not get DSL from the Telco, the telco may still have to provide the (new) copper line, then the DSL providing company (CLEC) comes to do any necessary inside wiring. In many cases, the communication between the Telco and the CLEC (Covad, Northpoint etc), is not great, and the line cannot be found, or is not left sufficiently close to the premise, necessitating further visits and delays.

For Telco ADSL, however, an existing line can be converted to an ADSL line, and the Telco normally has an "install yourself" package where they ship you the necessary materials, provision your line, and you simply hook up your modem and computer. In some cases, they might have to visit to install a splitter or a filter, and/or upgrade the NID (which is the phone junction box in your premise. See this for examples of different NIDs).

Puerto Rico Telephone Company offers DSL service under the name PRTDSL and offers user-installed ADSL. Their normal procedure is to qualify and convert the copper line and send you the ADSL modem by mail. You are still responsible for providing a NIC or USB port for the modem to use.

For more, see the glossary on installation.

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