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1). When line is active install software provided by Verizon. Then set up account/profile and so on.
2). Write down user account name and other information.
3). Come here and do the speed test.
4). Come here and run the tweaks tests. If you need help with tweaking visit the Tweaks Forum.Tweaks Forum.

Once your activation date has arrived, after 6pm, try to install the WinPoet software. If you are still getting the DSL line not active error, call BA/VIS and walk through the steps. Normally this only takes 15-20 minutes, although some techs do take longer. If you are still having trouble, what has happened is your Profile has not been created yet. They will create a ticket and escalate it up to Broadband to have them create the profile.
Now, if your line becomes active, and you install the PPPoE software (WinPoet), and you are not able to connect to the Registration server, call tech support for a Manual Registration. They will have you connect to the two test accounts and make sure you can route. Once they do that you will be put on hold for a few minutes while they set up the authorization and get someone on the line to help you with the Manual Registration.

BTW: If you call them before the SRD (service ready date) wanting to know why your line is not active they will tell you to wait until the SRD has come. They can't help you before that.

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