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This information is for people who use the following network configuration:

LAN/PC -> TBB DVG (DLINK ATA) -> Internet (Cable/DSL Modem)

You may be having an issue with TBB, whereby when if the P2P client is running for too long, it will eventually crash the DVG.

The reason for the crash is that the P2P was exceeding the maximum number of concurrent connections that the TBB DVG ATA could support. This caused the DVG to eventually choke and crash. This isn't so much a defect with the TBB DVG ATA as every router has a limit as to how many connections it can support concurrently. The DVG ATA could have a more powerful processor that could support more connections, but some people would continue to experience this issue. Plus, a more powerful router means more $$$.

The solution is to limit the number of maximum connections that your P2P client could use at a given time. The most recommended setting is approximately 66% of your router's specified number of concurrent connections. However, if you don't know how many concurrent connections the DVG can support (unknown at this time), 150 is safe. This may under some situations slow down your downloads... but that's the price you pay.

The TBB DVG ATA seems to be particularly sensitive to this type of workload. Not surprising considering that this one unit performs a considerable number of functions. Likely all being driven by one (maybe two) internal processors.

Please see Limits of the DVG ATA (and any router) for more details.

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last modified: 2005-07-17 21:32:35