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You can confirm your current level of service and options as well as make changes on line. The FastAccess website requires Internet Explorer and ActiveX to function properly. Additionally, AT&T continuously changes the FastAccess website and this FAQ contains screen shots or options that may be slightly different, however the basic steps and functionality are the same.

Step 1
Log on to BellSouth FastAccess Website and select whether you have Residential or Business FastAccess.

Step 2
Click on Upgrade or Modify My Service under the Existing Customers menu.

Step 3
Enter the telephone number. Click Manage.

Step 4
Enter your primary username (if this is the first time you have used this site) and click Continue. If you have previously set a different username for this site please enter it instead.

Step 5
Select Upgrade or modify my existing FastAccess DSL Service and click Continue.

Step 6
Your current service information will be displayed in the upper left. Available options and services will be shown. Select any changes required and click Continue and then follow the prompts.

Important Note: If an option is not shown you are not eligible for that service or option. The screen shot below is an example only and does not show all available options or services. Your actual options will vary.

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