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The situation has come up where a user used a friend's phone (landline) to check their voice mail. One of the messages was long distance (a call from a relative in the U.S.). Instead of hanging up and calling the relative back, the TBB subscriber used the reply feature of the VoiceMail system (dial 88 when listening to the message).

Only after the fact did the question arise as to who pays the long distance charge -- the owner of the landline, or the TBB subscriber.

Primus Customer service confirmed that the call was placed using the Primus system, therefore the TBB line would be charged for long distance, not the friend's phone. The assumption is that it would be billed similarly to long distance calls made via Call Forwarding, Remote Phone, FMFM, etc..

For example, when a call is made to your TBB number and the TBB VoiceMail system responds, the originating call (landline, cell phone,...) is now connected. From this point onwards, the originating line only cares about when the phone is hung up.

Thus, once connected, any further calls by the VoiceMail system (replies or transfers) cannot be billed to the originating phone line ! This is technically not feasible. They can only be billed to the associated TBB line.

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