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This feature may not be available or work for all users the same way since there might be differences in users' Portal configurations.

This feature (non-documented by Primus) is a workaround that will disable Visual Call Waiting.

By doing the following, if you are already on a TBB call, any screened call (via CONCIERGE Call Treatments) gets BUSY TONE (you hear nothing); rather than the Visual Call Waiting (beep) for you, and ringing for the caller.

Set one ACTION within the applicable Call Treatments for the incoming calls you want to do this for, as follows: Set Forward when Busy with the number being your 10 digit TBB Primary Number (all day, every day).

If you set this as the DEFAULT ACTION in the DEFAULT TASK/Treatment (not recommended), it also combines No Answer in the selection, so none of these calls will ever get your TBB VoiceMail. In addition, the No Answer callers will hear ringing first, and then suddenly BUSY tone, which may confuse them !

This undocumented "feature" did not work the same way a few months ago (Jan '05) - no BUSY TONE, just dead air. Primus has changed it since then and may decide to change the way this "feature" works in the future.

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last modified: 2005-06-25 19:10:17