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The Unlimited Plan is subject to the TalkBroadband Terms and Conditions as follows:

•Normal intermittent residential use.

•Unlimited calls - no monthly minute limit - to any phone in Canada and the U.S. (with the exclusion of Alaska, Hawaii, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories).

•Direct Dial calls from your TBB line - excludes Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Remote Phone, and Find-Me-Follow-Me usage.

Although the Unlimited Plan only applies to Direct Dial calls (no Call Transfer etc), Primus has unofficially stated (in the TBB Forum) that they reserve the right as to whether or not to to apply Long Distance charges (at 5 cents per minute) for this usage. Primus implied that (for now), they will not charge normal LD residential usage with these non Direct Dial features. However, they indicated that they WILL CHARGE in cases of abuse, and for competitive reasons, have chosen not to give a strict definition of what constitutes abuse.

Furthermore, while there is no minute limit specified in the Terms and Conditions, customers whose usage is abnormally high are routinely flagged to their Fraud department and are investigated to make sure that there is no call center, fax spamming or business activity on the line. Such activities, and not the number of minutes, may lead to account suspension.

In other words, if you just like to talk, and are not running any business, call center, or fax spam activity - you have nothing to worry about.

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