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You can have up to 50 friends/family call your TBB line directly. ALL OTHER CALLS WILL go straight to Voicemail (or whatever you specify in the Default Concierge Task). CLI blocked calls will be handled by PrivacyGuard.

Using Privacy Guard and Call Treatments (Screening), you can BLOCK all calls except those which have a known CallerID (CLI)1. This requires some initial work on your part to setup Call Treatments for these good CallerIDs ... depending on how many friends and family you have !

    •First create Call Treatments for each CLI you would like to receive calls for... Set the Action to whatever you want for each CLI..

    Calls from ANY of these numbers (CLI NOT Blocked) will be handled by the appropriate Concierge Task and will ring through to your TBB line if allowed to.

    NOTE: There is currently a maximum of 50 Call Treatments that can be created; due to technical reasons and limitations.

    •Set your Default Call Treatment's Default Action to "Voicemail" (or Virtual Ring, etc).
    All calls not having their own Call Treatment go to VM (or Virtual Ring, etc) without ringing the TBB line.

    •Set a VM message that says something like:
    "Your call cannot be answered or has been screened. Please leave a message OR if you really need to contact me (us), please redial by blocking your CallerID (usually *67) and follow the prompts".

    You can also enable the Custom Operator Number and add to your VM message "or please press 0 if you would like to try to contact me through my cell phone". Obviously, this will be available to all callers who get your VM message !

    •Activate Privacy Guard with *11.
    Any call with CLI Blocked will be handled by PrivacyGuard. So create and provide Access Codes for those callers that you want to let through (if they cannot unblock the CLI from their phone line).

1CLI - Calling Line ID

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