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Your e-mail alias will be (text of first box). (text of second box)@verizon.net. That is, if you were to enter joe in the first box and schmoe in the second box, your new e-mail alias would be joe.schmoe@verizon.net. When you get to the next page, if someone else hasnt picked your alias, it will be the first selection in the list of choices you're given. If someone else has already picked it, the entire list will be alternate choices. You can pick one of the choices or go back to the previous page and try a different combination.
Go to www.bellatlantic.net/infospeed
Click on My Account, enter user name and PW
Go to Email Alias Manager, click "next"
Now it will tell you what alias you currently have...on the bottom it will have boxes that allow you to change it.
A lot of people ask if you can remove the period in between, and have just blah@verizon.net
I found this to be impossible. But you can change it to anything you want, granted it is available.

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