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Your phone signal can run over an ADSL line. ADSL is a type of DSL pitched for residential use. (See splitter or filter in the knowledge base for more information on ADSL and phones). This can be more convenient, and in some cases, remove the need to do inside wiring, since you can nominate an existing number for conversion to ADSL. This form of ADSL is currently almost exclusively offered by the Bell Operating Companies. CLEC xDSL, such as the range from Covad, is currently offered as a dedicated line only, although this form of ADSL is required by the FCC to be implemented by the ILECs and the CLECs soon.

There have been reports of interference problems between data and phone with ADSL lines -- a phone call may cause a data connection drop, or there may be unacceptable noise on the phone lines. This is usually related to the usage of microfilters, but not always. If you do have this problem, you will probably have to get your local phone company to install a splitter on the phone box at your house to fully separate the DSL and voice signals within your location.

There is one other situation where voice is actually run over DSL, and this is called VoDSL. The largest current implementation of this is Sprint ION, where a phone gateway that puts your voice and internet service over DSL, but the deployment of this version is very limited.

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