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261 Water St
MANHATTAN, NY 10038-1714

This is the best steakhouse in NYC, end of discussion. It was started by the head guy from that "other" steakhouse accross the river (Peter Luger). They have literally the exact same menu items at almost the same prices. YES, they have those milky 5 ounce slices of bacon. YES, they have that world famous "Luger Style" steak sauce. NO, you dont need to go to Brooklyn for diner! I have been to both restaurants a number of times and I can honestly say that if the food was laid out side by side NOBODY could tell the difference. MarkJoseph's gets the same priority choice at the meat market that Luger's does, so you know how good it will be. If you happen to live in Manhattan, or if Manhattan is closer to you than Brooklyn, then go to MarkJoseph's instead. I can say with conviction that they serve the best bloody slab of cow that you can sink your incisors into. Get carnivorous and eat here tonight!

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