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NOTE: This feature is available by default with the Ultimate or Unlimited Bundles. It can be added to the Basic Bundle for an additional charge.

When activated, the Do-Not-Disturb feature allows you to re-direct all incoming calls to your VoiceMail:

- Lift the handset
- Press *04 (press *04 again to cancel)

You can also activate or cancel Do-Not-Disturb via the Phone Control Tab of the MyTBB Portal.

•When activated, and you pick up the phone, you will hear "Private, Private, Private", and then dialtone. This is a reminder that the Do-Not-Disturb feature is on. Please note that users with the newer Linksys SPA2100 or SPA2102 will not hear the "Private, Private, Private" message. This does not necessarily mean that the feature is not activated.

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