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Yes. The BellSouth WebMail has the option to forward incoming emails to another email account.

Step 1
Go to the BellSouth Webmail Homepage and log into your account. Click on Preferences from the Options Menu.

Step 2
Click on Rules tab in the upper right.

Step 3
Enter the individual email addresses in the Forwarding Addresses field. If you would like to leave a copy of the messages on the BellSouth POP server, check the Forward and keep a copy box. If you wish to discard the original BellSouth copy and simply send a copy to the other account check the Forward, the discard box

Step 4
Click on Save Settings.

Andy Houtz DSL

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • This answer is (now) incorrect, since at&t webmail is now shut down, and you are forced to use the emascualted version of Yahoo! mail. You can pay Yahoo! for access to a better version of their mail web client or you can scrap Bellsouth and Yahoo! and use G-Mail ( Google) which allows forwarding in the free version.

    2010-08-20 20:26:33

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