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You will need 3 network cards, 2 for the main computer (1 for Westell modem and 1 for hub) and another one for your client.
One computer as a server. This computer has two NIC cards in it. One is connected to the modem and the other is connected to your switch/hub/computer. The main computer must be turned on if the other wants access to the internet. The main computer will have your connection software on it, and you'll use that to connect. The second computer has a NIC card installed and is connected to the switch/hub/computer. You can try ICS supplied with Windows,
or sharing software like AllAboard, Sygate, or Wingate.
Buy a router. Each computer needs one NIC card. You connect the modem and computers to the router. You enter your info in the router to connect for you. Both computers can use the DSL independently of each other.

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  • You enter your info in the router to connect for you. What info? and what type of connection should I tell my router to attempt to make?(It offers me the choice of DHCP, PPPOE, a few others I don't remember.)

    2009-07-18 22:10:40

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