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You have just received your TBB Starter Kit and have plugged everything in. You can make outgoing calls, but notice that you cannot receive incoming calls! Congratulations on being keen, but most likely, your account is not completely active.

•A new TBB number assigned by Primus can take a week or more to be activated/provisioned completely.

•A request to port your POTS/PSTN number (from Bell, Telus, ...) can take from two (2) weeks to four (4) weeks or more to complete.

For more details refer to Length of time from signup to service activation.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Had the same problem.. turned out that via random pocket dialing call forwarding had been activated (you can check your call log to see if a *72, and any random sequence of numbers, entry exists - viola there it was on my phone). Try pressing *73 then send. This will cancel call forwarding - it worked for me. Thanks VZW for figuring out my problem!

    2011-05-17 13:52:25

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