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As noted in Email Forwarding & Notifications, you can already send the VML file and the email Notification to different email addresses; albeit single addresses in each case.

However, you may want to send each of these to multiple people. This cannot currently be done through the Portal. Instead, this can actually be accomplished using your existing ISP services or your email client POP settings as described below:

•Use an email address (ISP, WebMail, gmail, ...) with a built-in copy & forward feature.

•For any email address used above, you can setup a filter or rule in your email client (Outlook, ThunderBird, ...) to forward the VML and/or notification to one or more addresses; while preserving it in the Inbox of the primary account.

•POPmail can also be used effectively in some cases:

    •Create one or more NEW email address mailboxes for VML forwarding and/or VML notifications (i.e. our_voicemail@isp.com, our_notification@isp.com). Use these in the TBB Email Forwarding & Notifications email address settings.

    •Setup each user's POP email client (Outlook, ThunderBird, ...) settings with the id and password for this address.

    •Configure each POP email client to "leave mail on server for 7 days" or a similar setting, so that everyone will get the email - within the time period specified.

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last modified: 2005-06-25 15:45:23