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Q: Soon I'll be moving from the SBC/Pacbell Region to another state - in the SBC/Ameritech Region - and the area I'm moving to has SBC DSL service, but I don't know the specific house or have a phone number there yet.
How can I keep my account open during the transition, when I have to shut off my phone service with Pacbell before I start my new service with Ameritech?

A: Effective 6/28/2005, when a Member moves from one region to another, they can now keep the same Member ID, including sub-accounts. Prior to this date an account could not be transferred between regions. Now however the Members existing account, with all its associated features, such as primary Member ID, sub-accounts, merged Ids and preferences, will be migrated.

During the down time between the closing of the old SBC phone number and the establishing of the new SBC phone number the Member must maintain the account with DialUp status.

Paraphrased from information supplied by Matthew See Profile

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