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After you have set-up an appointment date that suits your schedule, you should do the following:

• Provide easy access to your computer.
• Provide an unused 120-volt receptacle inside the home as close to ONT/NID as possible for the BBU [see definition]. (Not having a receptacle *may* result in rescheduling the install until one has been provided.)
• Have an idea of where you want the ONT [see definition].
    • The ONT will probably replace or be installed adjacent to the existing NID [see definition]; requesting a different location may result in delays.

• Make room for the BBU [see definition].
• Consider contacting Verizon a day or two prior to your install just to make sure everything is on track and that their systems properly reflect an install plan for what you ordered.
• Be nice to the technician. :)

Keep in mind: The FiOS installation takes just about four (or more) hours to complete.

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