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The FAQ is intended for (potential) TBB Users as a General Reference and User Guide to supplement what is provided by Primus and the MyTBB Forums.

It deals primarily with TBB features, equipment, and issues. This includes:

•A background on Primus TBB
•The ATA's extended (available) features
•Installation procedures - including typical ATA configurations
•A Feature User Guide
•A Reference Manual to the MyTBB Portal
•TroubleShooting issues, tips and solutions
•Links to other references/sources

A basic understanding of Networking is required in some sections of the FAQ. In the worst case, you can always Google it! or post a query in the Forums.

The PrimusTBB FAQ is NOT GENERALLY meant to answer any questions related to any of the following:

•ISPs and connections
•Networking/ I.T. - LAN configurations
•Routers & Switches
•Running servers within a LAN

Not even your ISP will provide more than basic Networking tech support; they usually do not help beyond getting you connected to their network and surfing!

If you do have a complicated LAN setup, please consult your local networking services company, a friendly geek or family member, or post a question to the variety of Online Forums available for each topic, including getting some help from within the MyTBB Portal.

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