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Cable connections in particular seem to be reduced to a crawl -- 500-700kb/s as compared to the 4000kb/s seen without the router. The suggestions below may also apply to the other RV0x2 routers.

First, try switching the MTU in the router from "Auto" to "Manual" but leave the MTU value at 1500 (in the Firewall tab).

If that doesn't help, then try each of these values, one at at time:


My ideal turned out to be 1360. For other routers in the RV0x2 family, check the online manuals at Linksys to verify these values but I would expect them to be the same.

Finally, make sure you have re-tweaked. Even though you may have gotten excellent speeds previously, I found that adjusting the RWIN per the tweak test results with this router in place got my speeds all the way up to expected results.

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