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NOTE: You may be interested in DryLoopDSL (aka NakedDSL) and Porting POTS# to TBB to reduce your communications costs.

If you prefer to keep your PSTN/POTS home phone line (Bell, Telus, Primus, etc) along with your TBB line, you may want the option to combine the two lines together.

You can wire separate circuits for the two lines and even Use an active POTS LINE with the DLINK ATA.

Transferring TBB calls to Other Line (PSTN, Cell, Work)

Regardless of this, you may want to forward unanswered calls from TBB to your POTS line. In this case, you can use the TBB Concierge Call Forward or TBB Concierge FMFM features to do so.

Transferring External Line (PSTN, Cell, Work) calls to TBB

Alternatively, you may want to instead forward the POTS line to the TBB line for whatever reason, including using only the TBB VoiceMail system. This can be done with either of the following two options:

    Integrating the PSTN line and TBB - PREFERRED SOLUTION
    You need to setup the little known/advertised MAILBOX INTEGRATION1 Feature with your PSTN line provider. Your PSTN line will ring normally. However, when your PSTN line is BUSY or NOT ANSWERED, this feature will automatically transfer the incoming call to your TBB line.

    It is simpler to use than standard call forwarding, and typically cheaper at $1.33/mth.

    This feature is similar to a cell phone feature called Call Forward Busy/No Answer. Most CELL PHONE plans include this feature (free) so you can also integrate your cell phone with your TBB line.

    Through star codes (i.e. *92, *93,*94,*95 etc), you can control the following:
    - enable and disable each of transfer when busy, or transfer when not answered
    - the number of rings before transferring

    You can set your PSTN line to ring ZERO times and always forward to TBB - and use your PSTN line only for outgoing calls. You can also set it to a non-zero value, but keep in mind that the caller will hear the total number of rings on your PSTN line and TBB line before getting your VoiceMail.

    You can also access your TBB line by simply dialing *98 from your PSTN line. If you setup a FMFM Concierge Task to forward your PSTN number to VoiceMail, then dialing *98 from the PSTN line will put you directly into TBB VoiceMail!

    Forwarding the PSTN line to TBB
    You need to setup the CALL FORWARDING feature with your PSTN line provider. This is a manual feature where you can enable and disable the forwarding to the TBB line (or other phone numbers).

    Your PSTN line rings normally. However, if your forget to disable CALL FORWARDING, you may be wondering why your PSTN line does not ring!

    This feature will incur an extra monthly charge (typically $3.00).

1MAILBOX INTEGRATION has various names with different providers.

•It was previously used when you were on an ISP dialup session, to automatically transfer incoming calls to an ISP service that displayed the CallerID (CLI) on your computer. However, although the CLI component of the service is no longer offered (for various competitive and technical reasons), the Call Fwd Busy/No Answer component is still available in most cases.

•It is NOT "Integrated Message Centre", which combines a landline with a cell phone voicemail.

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