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"Presidential Appeals" is a group within Verizon that is supposed to resolve customer complaints when all else has failed.
The people on the presidential appeals team do not have any resources that the other technicians don't.

You *should* be able to get the same information from the level 1 technicians that you get from the level 2/3 or presidential team. All four groups have the same information and resources available to them. Unfortunately, some of the technicians aren't always aware of this themselves and it's easy for some of them to just pass the customer to the next level even if the next level cannot offer the customer anything new.


FAQ by kadar

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Presidential Appeals tech support agents (not the people you talk to when you call the 1-800-483-7988 number, they delegate the escalations) do have better resources than regular tech support. First of all, time. There is no call time for appeals agents, if it takes all afternoon then so be it but that doesn't mean they have all afternoon to waste not fixing something. They also have direct access to support groups that tech support doesn't even know exist. They're a small team but there to provide the highest level support for Verizon DSL customers, give them room to work and understand they don't make policy and already know how bad your situation is because that's all they do is handle the worst of the worst problems.

    2010-09-05 17:46:25 (exvzappeal See Profile)

  • They can not offer anything else other than better customer service and a well trained and seasoned employee. With these two things you are able to get better assistance because of experience AND knowledge. The level 1 support have such a high turn over rate and the lack of knowledge that they are overwhelmed. The best of this group moves up. And that is why you WILL get better service and your issue resolved if it is escalated to Presidential appeals. There are also several depts all have their own Presidential Appeals. There is a billing as well who handle billing concerns, same applies as to Level 2 and 3 tech support. More experienced and knowledgeable staff.

    2009-12-01 19:23:55

  • This is in accurate information. They DO have resources that other techs do not. The Presidential Appeals team have access to contacts and resources that are not easy to come by. HOWEVER, an issue will not be escalated to this team unless the customer has an issue that is outside of normal support boundaries.

    2009-01-23 07:44:25

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