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The physical labor aspects of the fiber installation are typically done by Verizon subcontractors. The guys who marked my lawn for utilities before the contractors came to lay the main fiber told me "these guys are relatively very good, you should see what the cable guys do to people's yards." Still, you need to remember that the construction folks have a tough job to do, a lot more work than time, and Verizon probably doesn't pay them a whole lot to do it. So mistakes get made, corners get cut, and sometimes a lot more happens.

If the subcontractor left contact information with you (e.g., a door tag), try calling them. Please give them the opportunity to fix the problem, but if they don't, then escalate. Call the main FiOS number at 1-888-553-1555, hit "#" when asked for your number, and tell the (sales) people who answer that you have an unresolved "Construction Problem" and would like to speak with the group who handles those. Take names and make sure that an actual trouble ticket gets generated for the problem, be polite but be persistent. The work being done by subcontractors helps you here because Verizon isn't very shy about beating up their subcontractors, Verizon can pin the blame on them and make them fix the problem and be the good guys.

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  • If you are calling about damage to your property, choose the technical support division. It is very important to state if the damage occurred during the Drop installation or during the product installation. If this is not answered properly, the ticket will be directed to the wrong office. Buried Drop is routed to the contractor division (outside Verizon) and the product installation complaints are handled by the local manager (inside Verizon) 1-888-3553-1555 Are you calling about, speak “YES” or “NO” (The system repeats the number you are calling from.) If NO, What number are you calling about? State your number or I don’t have one. If your response is, “I don’t have one” What is the phone # you provided when you established your service? Provide the telephone number or I don’t have one. What service are you calling about? Fios, Wireless, DSL or Phone (Choose your product) What better describes the reason for your call today? Billing, Tech Support or Repair, order status, new service or add to your existing service If you do not respond to this one, it will give detailed descriptions of each option. For your Home? Or your Business Taking the time to answer these few questions can direct you to the best department for what you need and minimize your hold time as well as eliminate unnecessary transfers. I work for Verizon and our customers are holding way too long. We recently revamped the IVRU (the automated system) to make it more user friendly. If more people answered these questions it would save everyone time which may assist in keeping our operating cost down which in turn helps keep our rates affordable. We are hiring new people everyday, trying to reduce the hold time and answer our customers in timely fashion, as well as, the change to the IVRU. I hope this helps.

    2008-02-25 02:06:48

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