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If you suspect that you have a broken or unstable link between your local network and your ISP, the following steps are the best known method for obtaining a reliable link.

1. Unplug power to your broadband modem.
2. Unplug power to your router.
3. Shut down your network computers.
4. Wait for about 20-30 seconds before turning the modem back on. This allows the broadband modem to resynchronize with the network.
5. Wait for another 20-30 seconds. When you see the lights become stable, and the DSL or Cable light indicates a proper connection, plug in the router. This allows the router to resynchronize with the broadband modem.
6. Wait for another 20-30 seconds. When you see the lights begin to flicker randomly (indicating network traffic), and a light indicating your WAN port is connected, turn on your network computers. This allows your computers to automatically receive a renewed or updated IP address assignment through DHCP.

A. If the trouble returns, consider locking your WAN port's speed. This setting is found on the Tools / Misc portion of the web configuration pages on many D-Link DI-5xx and DI-6xx routers.
B. If you have a DSL modem and the trouble returns or persists, consider putting your DSL modem into Bridge mode -- or, on the modem, choose the option to deliver your IP address to the computer. For an example, see /faq/11827.
C. If the trouble persists, consider the possibility that the cable between the router and broadband modem is defective.

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  • my router dlink dir625 is just continues blinking all lights is just blinking whats is the problem with that?

    2011-10-04 22:53:51

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